Maui Kokua

Maui Kokua is the result of a collaboration between Hawaii’s REALTOR® Associations and longtime real estate technology provider Hawaii Information Service. We felt compelled to join the massive mobilization of kokua that began in the immediate aftermath of the fires. Maui residents need help in every way possible right now. Maui Kokua is our industry’s effort to contribute in the best way we could – with information and technology.

The call to action was the creation of a website that would encompass disaster resources, services, and information in one place, with a focus on housing. We also hope this consolidation lends itself to streamlining the process of connecting those in need of shelter with those who can provide shelter.

The word “kokua” is often described as simply meaning “to help” and it is commonly used everyday throughout Hawaii. But in this joint effort for the people of Maui, we hope that this website resource is just one link in an endless chain of kokua for Maui, and that it connects those in need with people who are ready and waiting to give.

Hawaii Information Service

Hawaii Information Service (HIS) is a kama’aina company that specializes in providing technology solutions, services, and software for real estate professionals, organizations, and government agencies. Established in Hawaii in 1984, HIS offers various tools and platforms to support real estate transactions and related services, including its locally built MLS (Multiple Listing Service) system, a platform that allows real estate agents and brokers to list and search for properties, access market data, and collaborate with other industry professionals.